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16 MARCH 2020

QC Technician (Long An)

Công ty Leboucher

 Tuyển dụng: Nhân viên QC

1. Quality and hygiene

• Ensure that quality controls are properly carried out from raw material to finished


• Take samples send to 3rd Party to test physical, chemical or bacteriological follow

required by quality policy.

• Carries out internal/external tests in term of raw materials/finished products/packages

when necessary.

• Monitor strictly the production staff correctly follows the procedures under their


• Ensure that all the production staff follows the rules regarding Quality, safety, hygiene

and report any non-conformance to management.

• Make suggestions to improve quality and hygiene without waiting for questions from


• Make sure that all quality records are properly maintained and filed.

• Make quality control during all process and warn Production management and quality

manager of any non-conformance.

• Contribute to improve the quality management system to reduce the number of defects.

• Participate in problem solving, traceability and investigating products related to

customer complaints

• Other tasks will be assigned by Manager

2. Quality System

-Support QA/ QC manager to organize, prepare, implement and maintain annually

internal audits effectively…

-Participate in internal/external audit to ensure compliance to Customer/QMS

requirements and international standards.

3. Environment, Safety

• Apply safety rules in order to avoid any accident.

• Report any risk of accident to the managing director to anticipate solutions



· Graduate food/chemistry major or related industries.

· At least 1 years of experience in QA/QC position

· Experience in troubleshooting on production line.

 · Ability to work in a team

· Knowledge of HACCP, ISO 9001:2015; ISO 22000:2018….

Contact: mai.luu@leboucher.com.vn

Address: Ấp Bình Thạnh, Xã Bình Tịnh, Huyện Tân Trụ, Tỉnh Long An, Bình Tịnh, Tân Trụ, Long An

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