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19 JUNE 2024



Location: Vietnam based in Ho Chi Minh

Job Description

Chemical and Physical tests

- Be familiar with a laboratory environment and follow chemical and physical test procedures in order to perform chemical and physical tests.

- Perform a range of chemical and physical tests and analyses accurately according to international standards and/or the company procedures.

- Prepare organic and inorganic compounds using standard synthetic and purification procedures.

- Apply basic computer skills relevant to the chemical and physical laboratory technology field.

- Follow quality guidelines and procedures in order to ensure that processes remain within designated limits.

- Perform all assigned work in compliance with occupational health, safety, and environmental law, legislation, and regulations; established policies and procedures; and in accordance with ethical principles.

- Apply problem-solving skills to chemical and physical tests when required.

- Analyze test results and draw conclusions based on these results.

- Write clear and detailed reports.

Laboratory management

- Be responsible for the good working conditions of any tools in the laboratory

- Report to the relevant management any issues or problems related to equipment, procedures which could have any impact on the test results.

- Organize the work and establish a schedule according to the priority and kind of tests to perform.

- Be responsible for the implementation of test procedures (international procedures and internal procedures)

- Maintain a safe environment and be responsible for the good working conditions of the safety equipment.

- With the development activity, become laboratory manager and be responsible for the training of  new technicians and management of their activity.

Educational background & Qualification

1. Honest person with good integrity nature.

2. 3 to 8 years of experience in physical or chemical laboratory (Lower experienced can be considered if applicant shows strong motivation and technical background related to garment or footwear industry).

3. At least college graduated, with major in chemical sciences

4. Proficient English skills (at least B Level) in both writing and speaking

5. Familiar with office software (Word, Excel), digital camera.

6. Mature, endurable, responsible, & independent at work.

7. Good interpersonal & communication skills.

Desired Experience

3 to 8 years of experience in Laboratory testing (chemical or physical tests).

Desired Skills

Responsible, careful, hardworking and trustful person.

Ability to work in autonomy with a strong sense of initiative. Good team player with open, dynamic spirit and good communication skills. Ability to manage people.

To apply for the position please send your motivation letter, reference letter and resume to: qtdoan@ctcgroupe.com / mhpham@ctcgroupe.com

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