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19 FEBRUARY 2021

EHS Engineer (BRVT)

Tp đoàn Sonion tìm kiếm ng viên cho v trí: EHS Engineer, làm vic ti Vũng Tàu (KCN Đông Xuyên)

Ưu tiên Nam và có mong mun gn bó vi công ty lâu dài.

Đây là 1 công vic có mc phù lao khá cao và có 2 yêu cu chính: Tt tiếng Anh + Hiu tiêu chun ISO 14K & 45K.

Nếu anh ch & các bn mong mun thay đổi công vic thì có th email CV v: ceftworks@gmail.com nhé!

Thân mến


Job Requirement

Establishing and maintaining & continuous improvement of S&H document system (procedures, instructions, emergency response, safety rules …);

Controlling and monitoring status of hazardous equipment, material defined by legal requirements;

Conducting concerned events, trainings of first aid, safety and occupational diseases … for the labors;

Coordinating with Medical team, Managers and Supervisors on controlling and managing the dangers and hazards at concerned areas;

Inspecting the workplace regularly;

Investigating causes of accidents/incidents and recommend actions to prevent risk of occurrence;

Coordinating with the Labor Union on instructing the safety & hygiene promoters to handle their tasks;

Training & supervising the subcontractor to be conformity with S&H system of Sonion Vietnam;

Organizing awareness training course of S&H for newcomers, concerned refreshment trainings;

Work with external agencies to implement the issues related to S&H;

Other requirements where required;

Employee is responsible in proactively receive, search, learn and comply with prevailing law and company regulation which are communicated via internal information channels including broadcasting, email, SBS (Sonion Business System), notice board and electronic notice in every areas. This content includes but not limited to: ISO on Quality Management, Environment, Occupation Health & Safety, Code of conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility, Labor safety and Fire Prevention and Fighting, Work Rule and Employee Handbook and other internal regulations.

Attending concerned training courses of QMS–ISO 9001, EMS-ISO 14001, OH&SMS-ISO45001 where required.


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