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17 DECEMBER 2018

Assistant Regulatory Affairs Manager

Position Title:

Assistant Regulatory Affairs Manager (Position title to reconfirm with HR)

Reports to:

Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs – Greater Indo China Hub



Global Regulatory Affairs



Location of position:                  

Asia Pacific

Ho Chi Minh City

Position Grade:

SG11-12 (full time)




Purpose of position


Manage the regulatory affairs activities to support the Business Grid and Commercial plans and ensure regulatory compliance of Colgate products, raw materials and activities with the current regulations enforced in Vietnam; and provide support to the management of Regulatory Affairs for Greater IndoChina; across all portfolios - Oral Care, Personal Care, and Home Care.


Core Responsibilities

* Ensure CP products and ingredients are in regulatory compliance throughout the product life cycle

  • Compiles complete registration dossier and submissions to the government for registration, licenses and permits to ensure timely approvals
  • Maintains and keep up to date regulatory files and reference books/standards  to support an efficient regulatory operation
  • Timely communication to the Company on product registration progress and approvals
  • Conduct regulatory assessment, product information file compilation, claim support/tracker documentation and external audits by regulatory authorities
  • Participates in cross-functional team meetings to ensure timely registration of products to support the business
  • Review artwork and advertisements to ensure compliance of Colgate products advertisement with the current regulations in Vietnam
  • Monitor any new or amendment of regulations and conduct search in regulatory government websites and regulatory intelligence in the public domain and timely communicate development to internal stakeholders
  • Develop the budget and develop knowledge/skills on budgeting for the function
  • Supports regulatory requests and relevant regulatory affairs matters of Colgate Global Toothbrush plant in Vietnam.
  • Develops networking with relevant government bodies and trade associations and identify opportunities to influence rule making for positions beneficial to Colgate.
  • Participates in local trade association technical working group that is relevant to  Colgate business

Education Required

Tertiary qualifications in pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology or related life sciences

Experience Required

Working experience in Regulatory, Quality, R&D or as a chemist in Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Regulatory Consultancy and Food industry.

Number of Years of Experiences

2 – 5 years

Key Competencies

Personal Leadership Competencies

  • Good command of English, written and spoken
  • Analytical
  • Communicate effectively
  • Customer focused
  • Effective execution
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Relationship Building
  • Influence/ Negotiation

Technical Competencies:

  • Demonstrates deep knowledge on regulatory requirements particularly of products relevant to Colgate.
  • Demonstrates sufficient knowledge on formulation and technical aspects particularly of products relevant to Colgate

How to contact: Ms Trang Nguyen via email


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